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The 5 Clothing Essentials for Newborn Babies

If you’re a first-time parent, then it’s highly likely that you are currently doing shopping sprees for your upcoming bundle of joy. And when there are so many options, you can spend hours and hours searching and buying baby clothing. Unfortunately, as a result, you can run out of budget or end up with so many items that your baby will not be wearing because there are still so many waiting in their wardrobe.

The solution? List down and prioritize clothing essentials that your newborn babies need. That way, you have an idea of what you are buying when shopping online or visiting a physical store. There’s no guarantee that you will not get distracted by other adorable baby items, though! But, at least, you have a general idea of what you should have on your shopping cart when you leave the store.

With that, here are the clothing essentials you should add to your shopping list when buying for your newborn babies. We also added the appropriate number of each item, so it’ll be easier for you to budget.

Bodysuits or Rompers

Of course, the biggest must-have when it comes to a baby wardrobe is a bodysuit or romper. These are versatile items that can be worn at any time of the day. Generally, it is used as an extra layer under clothing since babies feel more chill than us. There are also different types available in the market, with different designs to choose from.

You can get 7 of these items, either with long or short sleeve styles, to prepare for the seasons. Usually, they are available in packs, so you won’t have any problems picking each one.

Sleepers and Footies

While they are the usual outfit for sleeping, sleepers and footies can also be worn during the daytime in colder climates. In addition, you can pair them with swaddles during nighttime. They are also easy to wear through their zipper or button closure designs.

Buy 4 of these items, and you are ready to go!


If there’s one thing that babies need when they leave their mother’s wombs, it’s warmth. That’s why it’s important to include hats in their wardrobe. Although, keep in mind that it should be hats-off when they’re sleeping since they can quickly overheat. However, keep in mind that you don’t need many hats for your baby, just around 2 to 3 pieces. It’s a simple strategy that allows you to have extra hats available while others are in the wash.


While swaddles are not precisely clothes, they are still newborn clothing essential since babies spend a lot of time in them. It’s a great item that provides babies womb-like comfort and prevents their startle reflex from waking them up. Just like hats, you can also ready 2 to 3 swaddles or get 2-in-1 packs for easier shopping.


And now we move on to the last of the list: socks. As mentioned previously, babies need warmth. That’s why even in summer, they should also be wearing socks. You can get five pairs of socks at the ready and two extra pairs for winter babies. It’s also recommended to buy them in the same colors, so you won’t be stressed about finding the right pair when they get lost in the wash.

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